Our design process is driven by purpose and resolution. We designed it with this in mind. The right people. The right tools. Your project delivered.

1. Consultation & Proposal

A good project/design brief is vital to building a successful design project. Our first goal is to understand your needs and translate those with you into a brief. The initial design briefing document represents the beginning of our conversation. We may know nothing about your project, we may think we know something – this document provides all parties with a great reference point to work from and from which to develop a strong project/design definition and ultimately the project proposal including a realistic budget, scope and schedule.

2. Project Kick-Off

Detailed project planning gets all of our projects kicked off focussed and on the right path. Once the project is signed off, we validate all details on budget, scope and schedule with you confirming the objectives and goals, your target audience, any available assets and points on styling. This usually take the form of a face to face meeting – although many of our clients prefer to Skype, especially as some of them are overseas.

3. Pre-Production & Asset Development

We often work on projects where other agencies have been involved and so we’ll work with whatever you provide us with. If it’s not up to scratch then we’ll fix it. Provide us with your material and together we’ll assess what works and what doesn’t so we can quickly define what needs to be made and how we make it developing the assets for the project, whether its a photograph, a simple redesign or a complex copy project we prepare all of the assets in pre-production so the source of the work is wonderfully accurate and more importantly that you get visibility early on any gaps in the project.

4. Concept Design & Development

Development of your concept often takes various guises, from a simple design board for a new logo, to complex wireframes and animatics which we’ll walk through with you for a digital project. We’ll have picked up some styling indicators, user journeys and audience types during our briefing phase and so we’ll have plenty of thoughts on how we move the project forward with you to get the results you want.

We provide our clients with detailed visuals and documentation of our their projects before moving into full production which allows our clients full control on the design and development of the project so it satisfies the brief.

5. Production & Testing

Throughout the production process we test and validate all of our projects. Whether it be a complex website development, an interactive app or a printed brochure, we create testplans and apply time proven processes to stop any errors on the final output. Regardless of the format of the output we still produce specifications and asset lists which means no surprises when we release the artwork or project.

6. Approval & Aftercare

Nothing goes live without our clients approval. At various points throughout the process we tell our clients when they’ll be needed to approve elements of the design or project before we can progress. We know this takes time and we allow for this in our project planning stage. We know all too well how tough it is to make time and keep on top of marketing and projects so we offer an aftercare service so you can lean on us to build your presence online, produce a case study or two (contacting your clients on your behalf) or even let your followers know what’s new. We’re always here to lend a hand.