Aker Solutions. Bespoke Lego Model

In 2013 MKD were approached by Aker Solutions to deliver an engagement strategy for Europe’s largest Offshore Oil & Gas event held bi-annually in Aberdeen. We delivered a massive, 15,000 brick bespoke Lego model built “on stand”, along with 250 kit-sized bespoke Lego kits of their pioneering subsea compression station (check out that project here).

This bespoke Lego model was built over the course of the first 2 days of the show, with many of the delegates approaching the stand and asking what was going on. Building on stand enticed the delegates onto the stand to see what was happening and because of the materials and activity going on this accessibility was part of its success. As part of the strategy the delegates were invited to participate in the build and play their part in building the structure.

Needless to say as the majority were engineers (or budding engineers) they all accepted! We even had the Mayor of Aberdeen come to see what was going on.

During the second day the model was completed with the “final brick” laid by one of the team who had been involved in the project from an early stage. The model was adorned with branded stickers and some important mini-engineers who had been “helping” throughout the build stood guard. The show ran for 4 days and when the exhibition closed the model was moved to Aker’s lobby in Dyce, Aberdeen, where it continue to wow visitors and staff alike.

Since then Aker Solutions have commissioned a further 7 models for their events and offices around the world, with 2 of the models having their own tailor-made flight cases so they can transport them to other Oil & Gas industry events all over the globe.

If you have an exhibition project where you need a model we’d love to talk to you about it. Call us 01706 232 131 or drop us an email.

bespoke lego model completed on stand at Offshore Europe