Vantage Oilfield Solutions. Responsive Web Design

Vantage Oilfields Solutions are an Oilfield services company based in Kuala Lumpur with some of the most world renowned oil operators. Experts in Sand Removal and Contaminated Flowback treatment for Oil and Gas operators Vantage needed to raise their game online with a new website as they were beginning to compete with some major global companies.

Working alongside the Operations Director and Managing Director MKD worked to define the company message, highlighting the benefits of using VOS and some of the products they use to create a very unique service, more than a match for many of the global solutions companies VOS were looking to beat to the punch. Even the oil and gas industry are moving with the times and with the emergence of smartphone and tablets, it was vital the site was a responsive web design with content which distinguished VOS from the rest.

We produced a set of case studies for the site with VOS and their clients contributing to the good news stories about the company. To support the launch of the site in late 2013, we also produced a stunning 8 page, fold out company brochure as well as a digital version which continues to impress prospects, we’ve also produced technical datasheets, company presentation templates and all of VOS’s business stationery.

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