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Andy Kirk is one of the foremost thinkers and bloggers on data visualisation. A chance conversation on Twitter between Andy and Matt initiated a meeting and since then MKD have been working alongside Andy on both professional data visualisation projects and Andy’s own company Visualising Data.
We’re a massive fan of Andy’s work and his book “Data Visualisation: A successful design process” should be on all self-respecting designers bookshelves. It’s definitely worth it – check it out. We’re reliably informed book 2 is well underway!
So to be asked to design rebrand Andy’s company Visualising Data was no small potatoes to us. A thought leader in design and theory… gulp! What’s great about working with someone who understands iterative design is that they know preparing a strong brief is certain to produce results.
We were commissioned to rebrand Visualising Data with a new visual identity and a newly designed and scoped website, to be made in conjunction with Andy’s web developer.
There was something of an elephant in the room around the visual identity. There’s no beating around the bush (so to speak) but the VD initials could have been kinder to us. Sharing your initials with an STD was something we didn’t want to necessarily bring to attention of the followers and fans of Visualising Data. We went through our usual process of developing 4 differing proposals all of which took on certain merits and features of the brand. One stood out for us. It resolved a number of conceptual problems we wanted to address and fused elements of data visualisation as well as forming the initials, without smashing people in the face with VD! (if you’ll pardon the slightly vulgar nature of this description…smiley face).
So here is the rebrand in all it’s finery. Precise and Responsive. Easy to adapt with no less than 7 interchangeable colours and 4 graphical elements which appear elsewhere within presentations and even the next book.
We can’t wait to start our next data visualisation project in collaboration with Andy… With three projects already under our belt its work we enjoy and a relationship which is going from strength to strength.

If you have an exciting new Rebrand project we’d love to talk to you about it. Call us 01706 232 131 or drop us an email.

If you have a Data Visualisation or Infographics project we’d love to talk to you about that too – we really love this work and being able to call Andy Kirk’s expertise into these projects gives our clients maximum impact from this work. Call us 01706 232 131 or drop us an email.

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